Volume I

When Raja, a peasant in a village outside of a royal manor, is appointed by a young lord, Pavel, to serve in the manor, she quickly meets Hannah, her long-lost cousin, and learns of her real status—Princess and heir to the throne of Zurkia. But Hannah’s father, known as the Dark Prince, wants Raja gone so he can rule the kingdom.

After Raja is awarded a double-edged sword, her test of bravery and faithfulness has just begun. Caught in a corrupt society of slavery and abduction, she becomes its victim, and the Dark Prince, who vows to take over the throne of Zurkia, seeks to destroy Raja and the royal family.

On her journey, Raja relies on the wise words of Hannah: “Doing good will heal your soul.” While the security of the throne diminishes and hope is almost lost, new confidence resurrects when Raja learns that the people she’s touched along the way are eager to help her. Together, they embark o the battle for survival.


Volume II

Peasants from across the land of Zurkia are disappearing by scores. When Princess Raja discovers that they have been abducted, she convinces Lord Viktor to allow her—along with her friend Pavel and cousin Hannah—to get to the bottom of it.

Armed with secret maps found in father Antom’s trunk from his years as a slave, the friends are convinced the Tyhet’s Thrumb Castle holds clues to the peasants’ whereabouts. But the excursion quickly becomes dangerous—an unannounced visit to Shamra at Levap Castle lands the friends in a dungeon, Tyhet warriors roam the woods, and the Dark Prince is determined to capture his daughter, Hannah, and use her in his plans to rule Zurkia.

Suddenly, stories of an enigmatic peasant reach Raja who might hold answers to many mysteries piling up. With the threat of kidnappings, dungeons, and labor camps, Princess Raja must keep her spirit of faith strong as she and her friends venture forth to bring justice to the kingdom and uncover the long-lost truth about her family.


Volume III

A dark shadow has fallen over the land of Zurkia. Prince Narken, also known as the Dark Prince, has gained his throne in the north, demanding the retrieval of what he believes to be his greatest source of power: a mysterious glowing stone known as “the royal orb.” None dare contest his claim to power, nor his obsessive qust to find the stolen object, lest they too be discarded in the castle dungeon.

Meanwhile, his niece, Princess Raja and her friends Pavel and Jafar visit Great Aunt Vermisha in Valetta Castle, where they uncover secrets of the past about Raja’s uncle’s cruel and illegal practices, Inevitably, via the words of a wise man and a bribery of gold ingots, both Raja and Narken learn of the orb’s unreachable resting place.

Thus begins a race against time in the Land of Rousse, as Narken seeks to regain the royal orb at all costs and Raja aims to intervene, hoping to ultimately keep it away from the Dark Prince. With so much jealousy, evil, and manipulation at work, is it possible to find a resolution based in mercy? Sailing towards an unknown horizon, Raja has no choice but to remain brave in order to unmask the truth.


Volume IV

Raja, the princess of Kazan Castle, has finally found peace, teaching and caring for the orphans she had rescued on her previous adventure. However, this peace is not to last, when her friend, Lord Pavel, requests that she join him on a mission to ensure that the slave orphanage at Marsh Mansion—still occupied by their notorious enemy, Hagatha—has been shut down. They arrive to disarray, with four children having disappeared with Hagatha in the night. Unbeknownst to Raja, Hagatha has travelled to Yurx Island in search of the cursed orb that all good hearts hope will never be found.

Raja then receives a mysterious note from the self-proclaimed “Queen of Roses,” beckoning her to the dreaded land of North Vel Saca, the homeland of the frightful wailers, where darker truths await. Soon, Raja and her friends find themselves in more trouble than ever before, separated from each other and tricked into mindless servitude. All hope seems to be lost as a cruel ploy to dethrone the tzarina takes hold—or will those enticed by evil strongholds be delivered? Time is of the essence, lest innocent people die or lose their minds forever to darkness.


Volume V

After years of turmoil, another great shadow is growing over Zurkia. Princess Hannah of Avaran—the cousin of Zurkia’s renowned hero, Princess Raja—and Princess Chloe have both been taken against their will by the superior of Wsyrut, Vandal. After two of Raja’s friends, Consula Meeshan and Prince Jafar, fail in their clever attempt to save the two princesses, Raja once again gathers her crew of adventuring companions to devise a new plan.

However, Vandal is merely a pawn in an even greater and more dangerous scheme. The vile Hagatha, Queen of Roses, has retrieved her once-lost royal orb and set her sights on becoming queen of the entire kingdom, by any means necessary. Using the power of magic, portions, and trickery, Hagatha infiltrates the villages and legions of Zurkia and begins to amass a powerful and obedient army.

With war on the horizon, everything comes into question. Will Raja’s friends’ plan to outplay the naive superior succeed? Will Zurkia’s people be made aware of Hagatha’s evil influence before it is too late? And what will be the cost of all this greed and dishonesty? With a brave heart, the heroes run headfirst into the darkness that threatens to consume everything and everyone.

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