Countries of Rousse:

Zurkia, Odyhun, Dracon, Wsyrut, North and South Vel Saca, and Fetherland

Featuring: geography, resources, politics, people, armies, flags, coat of arms, and battles

Land of Rousse

Zurkia is the central country of Rousse and is made up of three regions: the central Plotria region; the western Montia region; and the southeast Trumia region. It is the second largest country and the wealthiest. The geography of the land consists of mountains, valleys, and streams. The people are the Zurkians and are ruled by the tzarina, who lives in Kazan Castle. The native people, the Berzations, are independent and live in the Montia region. The peasants of the land and are made to pay high taxes and are ruled by lords and noble knights. Zurkia’s army consists of knights and guards. They wear smooth egg-shaped helmets with thick metal. Tyhet warriors live in the northern regions of Zurkia and are more or less independent of the country. The country’s resources are Larchwood, wool, furs, clay, and gold. Its flag is red with a white circle in the center. Its coat of arms bears two eagles with an archangel and a crown in the center and is inscribed with the motto ‘Roboris Alas’ meaning ‘wings of strength.’ The Battle of Orsus took place outside Kazan City and was between the Dark Prince’s army and Lord Viktor Ramazon’s army, involving the Dark Prince’s gain of the throne. The Battle of the Valley of Durlabh took place in northern Zurkia. The war was between Queen Hagatha and the Tzarina of Zurkia.

Zurkian flag (Coming Soon)
Odyhun Flag (Coming Soon)

Odyhun is east of Zurkia and has vast amounts of flat treed areas. It is the third largest country and second wealthiest. The people are the Odyhuns and are ruled by the emperor and empress, who live in the city of Unas at Ophelia Palace. The people of the country respect the rulers and do their best to keep the law of the land. The economy is strong and its people are economically independent except for the taxes they pay to the emperor or empress. Its army consists of the legionnaires who wear dome-shaped helmets with a design of swirls with a very high spike protruding from the top. The country’s main resources are iron, steel, silver, brass, charcoal, tea, and spices. The country’s flag is very unique with a black bear paw placed in the center of a green square; a vertical orange stripe is on either side. Its coat of arms is on a shield with a flattop and rounded bottom. It consists of two large bears standing on their hind legs, facing each other with a coronet placed between them.

Dracian Flag (Coming Soon)

Dracon is the directly north of the Plotria region of Zurkia. It is the fourth largest country. The land is comprised of mountains in its central regions, and semi-desert areas to the south. The people are the Dracians and are ruled by the khan and by the countries wealthy people who employ slaves to do their work. The khan lives in Dragomir Palace in the city of Baku. Dracon’s army consists of escorts and nobility, who wear cone-shaped helmets with protruding horsehair. The country’s main resources are precious minerals and stones, horses, hay, wool and silk. Its flag has two vertical blue stripes on the outside and a white strip in the center with a black diamond. Its coat of arms is a rectangular shield that is slightly cylindrical in shape with rounded corners. On either side of the shield are lions with a cockatoo in the center.

Wsyrutian Flag (Coming Soon)

Wsyrut is north of Zurkia and is mountainous and treed. It is the coldest of the countries with snow most of the year in the north. It is the largest country. The Wsyrutian people include; the peasants who work for the superior; the nomadic Klomonnas reindeer herders of the north, who are independent; and the country’s army, called the warnorres, who have special privileges such as better housing and food. The superior and superiorette, who live in Crownsun Palace in Port Solis, rule the people. The warnorres wear a hemispherical helmet with two bands of medal going across the front of the helmet. The country’s main resources are shed caribou antlers, fossils, moss, and gold. The country’s flag is purple and green with a yellow sun with eight rays in center of the flag. A purple stripe is at the top half of the flag and a green stripe is at the bottom half of the flag. Its coat of arms is on a shield with battlements across the top of the shield and a point at the bottom. It bears two dragons and a sun with eight rays.

North Vel Saca Flag (Coming Soon)

North Vel Saca is west of Zurkia and has moderate rainfall in the north and is semi-arid in the south. It is the least developed country with the least population and is populated by various tribes. The Wailer tribal people inhabit the northern part of the country and live in a large multi-tunneled cave, named Wubber Cave. A tyrant queen rules the tribe. The wailers’ defend themselves and their queen with poisoned tipped arrows. They cover their limbs in snakeskin for protection and paint their faces with black soot to intimidate their enemy. The country’s main resources are herbs, exotic plants, trained boars and wildebeests, hemp rope, and dried snake meat. The country’s flag is plain black. The coat of arms is on an elongated triangle bearing an image of a bore and a wildebeest. A drum and two spears are in the center of the animals.

South Vel Saca Flag (Coming Soon)

South Vel Saca is northwest of Zurkia and is desert land. This country does not follow a hierarchal system and its people, the Vel Sacans, are free to work solely for themselves. The protectors and messengers of each city live amongst the city people. The protectors of the largest city, Abuzaka, are the sengermuns and are led by an officer. The protectors of second largest city, Lokalarta, are the lokamilons and are led by an overlord. The protectors all wear a janbiya (a knife) held in their belt. The country’s main resources are glass, seashell jewelry, bamboo and Jasmine rice. The country’s flag is green with a yellow five-pointed star in the center. Its coat of arms is on a shield with six concave sides. It had six camels on it with a six-pointed star in the center. The Lokamun Shore Battle took place along the shores of South Vel Saca and was between the lokamilons of Lokalarta and the sengermuns of Abuzaka. The reason for the battle was on account of their difference concerning Inodog magic.

Fetherland Flag (Coming Soon)

Fetherland is much like North Vel Saca in that is it undeveloped, but its people, the Ammucus tribe, are led by an elder who is just and fair and believes in simplicity as a means of protecting animals and the environment. They do not participate in warfare and very much keep to themselves except for their imports and exports. The country’s main resources are peacock feathers, fossils, heishi jewelry, and pottery. The country’s flag is purple with a large white horizontal peacock feather running through the center of the flag. The country does not have a coat of arms, but its popular symbol is an upside down teardrop with an image of a horse wearing a crown of feathers drawn in the center of the shape. Fetherland is the only country with a small island; namely, Kulaly Island. Pirates occupy the island and it is where the Battle of Catapult took place. The battle was between Prince Jafar of Dracon’s crew and the pirates of the island. The crewmembers attempted to take over the island with the intent of capturing Princess Raja.

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