Characters . . .

. . . of the Land of Rousse in Volume One

Lord Viktor Ramazon
Lord Viktor Ramazon is the Lord of Victory Manor and a Noble Knight of Kazan. Viktor commands respect with his strong personality and regal appearance, but at the same time is approachable, being willing to listen to others. He tends to want to get things done quickly and has no time for evildoers, thus being quick to suggest war as a means to solving problems.
Lord Pavel Ramazon
Lord Pavel Ramazon is the son of Lord Viktor Ramazon and is known for looking to peaceful solutions. Pavel lives in Victory Manor and owns Levap Estate. Pavel is a determined young lord who seeks to do his best in being loyal to his country but at times would rather have someone else take responsibility, which only gets himself and others in trouble.
Tzarina Solange Valentina
Tzarina Solange Valentina is the Tzarina of Kazan. Solange sits on the throne and is a fair and just ruler. She is also a quiet and compassionate ruler, which at times puts her and the country at risk.
Kuzma Basnya
Kuzma Basnya is the storyteller of Victory Manor. He lives in Manor Village and later in Victory Manor. Kuzma was sold into the slave trade and later purchased by Lord Viktor and given his freedom. He is a wise and intuitive person with an exception gift for storytelling, relaying insightful morals.
Shamra Loza

Shamra Loza is the daughter of Raja’s step-aunt. Shamra was abducted by the Tyhets at about fifteen years of age and sold to the Dracians. She is a quiet, thoughtful and peaceable character, but who likes a challenge and is more than willing to help Raja in her missions.

Princess Raja
Princess Raja Chamaris Valentina is Crown Princess of Kazan and daughter to the Tzarina Solange Valentina. Raja has a complex personality. She is courageous, but not without battling fear and anxiety. She is headstrong, consequently making wrong decisions at times. However, her failures never keep her down, and she is quick to recognize her mistakes. Some might criticize her for being too compassionate—an attribute that leads to disaster when dealing with the enemy.
Hannah of Avaran
Hannah of Avaran is the daughter of the Dark Prince (Prince Narken) and the cousin to Raja. Hannah has a bold, straightforward personality. She is brave and confident beyond question and often acts as a spy. She is highly intelligent and frequently is the one to devise plans to overcome the evil that perpetually prevails against Zurkia.
The Dark Prince (Prince Narken Avaron)
The Dark Prince (Prince Narken Avaron) is the twin brother of Tzarina Solange Valentina. He is insanely jealous of his sister and vows to take over the Throne of Zurkia, as he thinks he is the rightful ruler. He has lost his conscience and solely thinks of himself and how he was cheated out of the throne. He is a highly industrious person using his energy, talents, and wealth all for one thing—the possession of the throne.
Captain Chamomile Basnya
Captain Chamomile Basnya is the captain of a crew of pirates who lives on Kulaly Island. She is the daughter of Kuzma Basnya. She is audacious and somewhat reckless, but also has a side to her with thoughtful presence of mind. Abducted by pirates when she was young, she became one of them and is caught up in a life style that she doesn’t know how to get out of.

Fedor Loza is the brother to Shamra Loza. He was sold into slavery at an early age but escaped his master and took to the streets. He is a shy and fearful lad, due to his circumstances. He yearns to be taken care of by a trusted person and exhibits dutiful and good behavior to earn this.

Jafar Temujinfar is the Crown Prince of Dracon, son of the Khan. Jafar is a somewhat of a self-centered person, but still, he has a good heart. He is indecisive in his relationships, but his wit and humor make up for his faults.

Chieftain Tallboten is the leader of the Tyhet warriors in Zurkia. He is an egotistic brash man who does not appear to be all that intelligent. He leads through intimidation, brutality, and force.

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