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Thank You!

A big thank you to everyone who dropped by to say hello and purchase my books at the Vernon Show. I’ll be in Chilliwack on August 9th, which is a three day event and in Armstrong on August 28th, which is a five day event! The shows are on in full gallop!

Version 5

Presently I am working on the second novel in the series, which I hope to have complete this year. But for now, I’d like to share one of my favorite scenes from Raja and the Throne of Zurkia.

Favorite Part:Jafar

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Up Coming Events

Thank you to everyone who came to the Prestige Fair! And a special thank you to those who purchased my books! The event was a huge success and it was thrilling to be a part of it.

My upcoming event is at the Castlegar Library for a book reading on May 29th at 6:30. This should be a fun and interesting time!

I’m in Vernon on June 7th, 8th, and 9th in the largest summer craft show in Western Canada, held in the Recreation Complex. It will be lovely to meet new people.

Vernon Creative Chaos

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Kootenay Artisan Fair

Join me at the Kootenay Artisan Fair on Saturday May 4th, 2019 at the Prestige in Nelson. Choose from one of these quotes from Raja and the Throne of Zurkia for an autographed book.

Version 2

“Victory is yours!”

“Show your strength!”

“Only think victory!”

“For strength!”

“Love and hope!”

“Onward, onward, show us your courage!”

“For courage!”

“Overwhelming joy!”


“Never lose faith!”

“Beauty is love!”

“Beauty grows with goodness!”

“I now give you this double-edged sword as a symbol of your bravery and faithfulness!”

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April, 2019

I would love to see you at my upcoming event at the Prestige Hotel on May 4th, 2019 with the Kootenay Artisan Market. I will be show casing three of my children’s books, for ages 2 to 8, and my debut medieval fantasy novel for ages 10 and older.

Read my reviews for Raja and the Throne of Zurkia, my debut novel, the first in a series of eight books. Learn about the main character of my story, Raja, who finds her true identity, escaping kidnapping and assassination attempts in a corrupt society, transforming into a formidable woman of strength and inner beauty.

For younger children see how Cleo the Cat, along with her friend, Pogo the Dog, work together to get out of a very complicated predicament in a long and windy cave! This children’s favorite story, with the second book, Cleo in the Castle, is for people who love adventure!

Take care and hope to see you there!

Avah Broc

Kootenay Artisan Fair