Book One

Raja and the Throne of Zurkia

Volume One

When Raja, a peasant in a village outside of a royal manor, is appointed by a young lord, Pavel, to serve in the manor, she quickly meets Hannah, her long-lost cousin, and learns of her real status—Princess and heir to the throne of Zurkia. But Hannah’s father, known as the Dark Prince, wants Raja gone so he can rule the kingdom.


After Raja is awarded a double-edged sword, her test of bravery and faithfulness has just begun. Caught in a corrupt society of slavery and abduction, she becomes its victim, and the Dark Prince, who vows to take over the throne of Zurkia, seeks to destroy Raja and the royal family.

On her journey, Raja relies on the wise words of Hannah: “Doing good will heal your soul.” While the security of the throne diminishes and hope is almost lost, new confidence resurrects when Raja learns that the people she’s touched along the way are eager to help her. Together, they embark on the battle for survival.


2 thoughts on “Book One”

  1. We met at the Kaslo Faire. I told you of my knight, Mèlly in the game Armed Heroes. Women make powerful knights. Terry and I are looking forward to your book and being a part of the journey. The talismans you gave us are on the tree. Thank you, have a wonderful holiday season and a fantastic book launch.
    In strength,
    Suzanne Story


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and support. It was great to meet you and I am very excited for the journey to begin. I too wish you a very happy holiday season!


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