Avah Broc

Author of the Land of Rousse


Avah Broc holds a master’s degree from Simon Fraser University, Vancouver. She is a passionate writer of medieval fantasy for young adults and is working on the sixth volume of her Land of Rousse series.

The Land of Rousse series is about a thirteen-year-old peasant girl, named Raja, who begins the story with a lost identity. When Raja discovers her true royal roots her destiny is suddenly fulfilled—to protect the throne of Zurkia that her tzarina mother sits upon. But dangers of all sorts—kidnapping, dungeons, and labor camps —come against both her and her loyal friends from all angles as they seek to bring justice to a corrupt society while still striving to protect the tzarina. Jealousy, manipulation, and deception are at their best in the royal family, and only time will tell if the power of love can bring hope and redemption to a set of circumstances gone very wrong.

Her work is published by FriesenPress and her series can be purchased from on line stores such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and FriesenPress. You can also contact her to purchase her novels at her markets.

Avah Broc lives in the West Kootneys of British Columbia and when she’s not writing she loves to hike and along the way pick wild huckleberries to make delicious homemade pies.


Avah Broc
237 Winlaw,
British Columbia,
Canada, V0G 2JO

250 608 5920



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Avah Broc is always happy to receive emails concerning any questions about her series or how to purchase her books.

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